Kips Solo Travel Guide - Top 6 Things To Do Alone In East London

Kips Solo Travel Guide – Top 6 Things To Do Alone In East London

Why is it we feel like we need to be around other people to do “things” or have fun?! Honestly, at Kip, we think that’s a load of rubbish. In fact, some alone time in London can be the exact remedy your soul needs after the come down from summer! We know spending time alone in a city can be pretty daunting, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back both inside and outside of the hotel! Here’s our solo travel guide for East London…



Where to stay?




Stay with Kip…obviously! We’re an independent, affordable hotel in East London, and we cater to everyone, and that very much includes solo travellers. We’ve got a bunch of hotel room options from ‘Super Singles’ to the ‘Studios’ and the ‘Penthouse’, if you want to really treat yourself! BUT, we really couldn’t talk about a solo trip without mentioning the very cutest ‘Kip Cabin.’ This solo hotel room is mega cosy, very affordable and perfect if you’re planning on making the most of your trip out & about, and want somewhere zen to crash!


What to do? 



Go to an exhibition. We speak time and time again about how much we LOVE art at Kip, we’re always keen for our customers to check out exhibitions, galleries and street art all around London, so of course we think you should go see some art. It’s also the perfect thing to do alone, you can take as much or as little time as you want and not feel the pressure of another person ushering you onto the next painting. Right now, we’d recommend the Hayward Gallery which is currently showing ‘Mixing It Up: Painting Today’, an exhibition of 31 artists. Oh, and did we mention the gallery is right on Southbank? So, you can go for a cute walk beside the river Thames after, and really enjoy some solo thinking time. 



Treat yourself to some retail therapy. East London is home to some of the very best fashion and style, especially when it comes to vintage clothing! Brick Lane is a pretty iconic spot for this, and we suggest getting yourself to Brick Lane Vintage market, it’s essentially an underground market with the very best selection of vintage and unique pieces you will get your hands on! 




Go for a wander around Hackney Wick.In our opinion Hackney Wick is like the Brooklyn of East London. It’s filled with independent coffee shops & bars, loads and LOADS of street art, and of course the canal; where you can cycle, have a beverage on a barge, or go to one of the random raves that happen on the canal walkway. 



Treat yourself to some retail therapy.We get it, eating out alone can be pretty terrifying…especially at night. However, as much as we are BIG fans of the Kip rooms, we’d much rather you explored the East London restaurants, than sat alone eating Deliveroo in your room. So, grab a book, order yourself a glass of wine & a three course meal, and enjoy the electric vibe of East London in the evening. If you’re not sure where to go we suggest: Madame Pigg, Del 74, Berber & Q, or Oren



If you’re with us on a Sunday, then Columbia Road flower market is a MUST! Regardless of whether or not you’re looking to buy any plants or flowers (which you really should), there’s a great, wholesome atmosphere at the market. You really get a sense of the colourful nature of East London at its finest, so grab a coffee and soak it all up! 


So, there you have it! Brave the stunning streets of East London and enjoy some much needed YOU time, and we will be there to welcome you home to a comfy bed whenever you like!


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