Where To Eat Out In Hackney - Kip Hotel's Guide

Where To Eat Out In Hackney

Are you hungry? We are…and if you’re not, you will be after this. We’re about to give you some tasty, saucy spots that’ll get you salivating for all of the right reasons! SO, here goes…Kips guide to eating out in Hackney. 


If you’re feeling Boujeee…



Behind The Bar is the one for you, it’s locked in a Michelin Star, AND has a tasting menu…now, if that’s not glamorous then we don’t know what it is? There’s quite a few things we love about Behind the Bar, firstly it’s situated right on the edge of London Fields (our favourite park) so it’s an ideal summer spot, and all diners have a full view of of the kitchen – you really do feel immersed, and a part of the creation of your delicious meal. This one is especially good if you’re pescetarian, the menu is fish focused and an utter treat! 

Behind is just 36 minutes from our hotel in Hackney, just head to Hackney Downs station and take the train to London Liverpool Street. It’s then just a short walk away!


If you’re partial to a margarita (or 5)…



Del 74 is basically the only place you should be frequenting if you’re into tacos and margaritas! The vibe is super fun, relaxed and feels a bit like you’re in a whacky retro house. The staff are friendly…and might even invite you to stay for a lock in, if you’re lucky! We recommend the fish and cauliflower tacos, as well as watermelon margarita. Oh, and did we mention – Tuesdays are taco Tuesdays, £2 tacos…it’s be RUDE not to! 

Taco heaven is just 15 minutes away from Kip Hotel, just take the London Overground from Hackney Central to Dalston Kingsland Rail Station, or if the weather is good, enjoy a 22 minute stroll.


If Mediterranean food is your thing…



Then, Oren is a MUST, we absolutely love it. It’s cosy, intimate, the wine selection is on point, and the flatbread may just change your life. Oren is a great spot for a date, and even better if you’re a fan of orange wine! 

To get to Oren, either enjoy the walk, or take the London Overground to Dalston Kingsland Rail Station, followed by a short bus ride on the 488 bus to The Petchey Academy. From your London hotel room to a piece of the Mediterranean in less than 20 minutes!


If you’re a plant lover…



Of course we couldn’t forget about the vegans out here! We’ve got you sorted with Plant Hub, a plant based/vegan Italian based in the hub of Hackney, on Mare Street. All the ingredients used are seasonal and sourced from local farms, so you’re really getting the best of the best when it comes to quality! We’re really into the Gnocchi Caceo Pepe and Cheezy Garlic Bread. 

Plant Hub is just a 10 minute walk from Kip Hotel, so you can walk off your food coma on the way back to your hotel room!

We’re even more hungry than we were at the start, and we’re sure the feeling is mutual! So, take your pick and get ready for your taste buds to have an awesome time!

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