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Our Go To Hot Chocolate Spots In East London

If you didn’t know/haven’t seen Christmas lights on every street, Christmas is very much on the way… One thing we LOVE about Christmas season (that even the haters couldn’t say no to) is a good hot chocolate. East London is famous for its top notch independent coffee shops, and with those come some EPIC hot choccies, so here’s where to get yours around Hackney and East London…

Pavilion Bakery

In our opinion one of East London’s very best bakeries, with two cute spots in Victoria Park and Broadway Market, so you can enjoy your hot choccie whilst browsing the independent shops on Brodway Market, or on a crisp morning stroll in the park. It’s what we like to call a real Christmas vibe! We also HIGHLY recommend grabbing a pastry to go with your hot chocolate, the chocolate almond croissants are a must…double chocolate, it would be rude not to. Right?

Dark Sugars

Oh goodness GRACIOUS, if you want to go into a hot chocolate coma and for your taste buds to experience the very best time of their life (which of course everyone does), then you MUST go to Dark Sugars on Brick Lane. Specialising in authentic Ghanaian cocoa beans, this hot chocolate is SOMETHING ELSE, it’s rich, creamy, amazing quality, and comes with freshly grated white, dark and whilk chocolate on the top. We are salivating just writing this, in fact we may have to stop for a quick hot chocolate break and dash down to Brick Lane…


Hermanos is one of those coffee spots where you can just taste the excellent quality of the coffee beans, and that is no different for their hot chocolate, in fact a friend of Kip’s actually told us about Hermanos because of the epic hot choccie. Whether you’re into dairy or not, we highly recommend trying your hot chocolate with oat milk, it really adds to the creaminess. Hermanos is located on Columbia Road, which is a great spot to be in on the weekend for the flower market. Grab a hot chocolate and buy yourself some flowers…that’s the Sunday dream!

Paul a Young Fine Chocolate Shop

It would make sense to go to an actual chocolate shop, to get an ACTUAL hot chocolate…wouldn’t it?! That’s why we suggest Paul a Young Fine Chocolate in Islington, try one of their seriously indulgent hot chocolates with sweet cocoa cream…it’s a Christmas dream in a cup! Whilst you’re there you can also take some delicious, freshly made truffles!

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