Our Favourite London Based Female Artists - Kip Hotel Hackney

Our Favourite London Based Female Artists

We LOVE East London…obviously, not just because it’s the home of Kip, has some of the most stunning parks, and vibey restaurants, but also because of the level of incredible art that decorates the streets, walls and art galleries! Walking around Hackney and East London in general, it’s pretty difficult not to feel inspired, but in case you needed a push, we wanted to give you a little look into some of our favourite female, London based artists right now…


Helen Marten




A Central St Martens graduate with a Northern core, is how we’d like to start by describing Helen Marten, let’s also MIC drop that she also won the Tate Turner Prize (which for those of you new to the art world…is a big deal!) Helen covers it all, working across sculpture, painting, video and writing, her work is far from minimalist, there’s always a lot going on, but trust us it works! 


Somaya Critchlow



Somaya is a female artist representing women and all the incredible dynamics of their bodies, mind, and energies. Think full lips, big curls and beautiful curves. Somaya’s attention to detail is impeccable, yet never shows a woman as overly manicured or perfect, her paintings and drawings are real, making real women feel empowered by other real women! After 3 years in art school, Somaya really is picking up momentum, and providing inspiration for young black artists in particular!


Natalie Kay





Natalie Kay is an East London girl born and bred, and her studio is a short walk from Kip, right by London Fields, so naturally we’re even bigger fans! The paintings are all inspired by nature, and each work she creates is totally fluid and unique, not even Natalie knows which direction it’s going to go in. Natalie also really believes in art therapy and uses her painting skills to support this, which gives her creations a much deeper dynamic and energy! 


Art galleries are now officially open, and we’re sure you’re all itching to go feed your creative minds after this, some of our go-to-galleries include, Hales Gallery, White Cube, Unit London, and Whitechapel Gallery, these should be enough to start you off, but definitely continue your exploration! 

We at Kip are super supportive of up-and-coming artists, and for that reason are providing 5 UK based artists with the external wall of our East London hotel, as a mural for their work! If you’re keen to get involved in the competition and have your work displayed then click here for more info on how to enter!






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