From barge raves and canal parties to eclectic warehouse raving, Kip Hotel shares everything there is to know about the Hackney rave scene!

Kip’s Guide To The Hackney Rave Scene

When was the last time we were all under one roof raving (in the words of Jamie XX), maybe recently, but probably not for quite some time?! 



Hackney is Kip’s home turf, and we know it’s one of THE BEST locations in London for a proper rave. Some of the raves are planned, some of them are utterly spontaneous, and with some of them we just have no idea! Secrets and spontaneity is everything when it comes to the Hackney rave scene, but here’s a bit of what we can tell you…


Sometimes, the boats are where it’s at…


The canals are one of the most essential parts of Hackney living, home to stunning walks, sunbathing, a bev on a barge, and most importantly boat parties…or should we say, barge parties!! There’s a lot of secret and last minute barge raves that happen in Hackney, you’ve just got to be in the area to sense when one is about to go down. 

However, sometimes we get lucky and the raves get planned (shocking, we know!) This month you can join the Save Our Scene Boat Party on the 14th of August. These guys are all about bringing back rave culture, and getting us up on our feet for hours on end after over a year of no dancing! 


Talking of canals…


This summer there’s been quite a mix of daytime raves beside the canals, especially in Hackney Wick! All you need to do is pick a relatively sunny day, grab a tinnie, and hit up the canal, you’ll be bound to find an eclectic bunch dancing to some banging tunes…and, inevitably, it’ll turn into a rave. 


We can’t forget the East London warehouse scene… 


In Hackney Wick especially, there’s quite the collection of warehouses. Warehouses have been stereotypically known for being party homes, and it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, there will always be a rave going on! The great thing about warehouse residents is that they’re super friendly and inclusive, so you’ll always be welcome. We recommend hitting up Fish Island as a starting point, that’s where it’s really at! 

If you’re staying with us in one of our cosy hotel rooms, Hackney Wick is just a 15 minute train ride away on the London Overground to Hackney Wick Rail Station. 


Of course there are some venues that are home to organised raves…



Night Tales being one of our favourites, and super close to Kip by foot! Night Tales constantly has great nights on, supporting well known as well as up-and-coming DJs. The vibe is boho-meets-warehouse, the people are eclectic, free and wildly dressed, and the energy is very much East London at its finest. 

If you’re visiting us at Kip, it’d be rude not to take a trip to Night Tales, and this month is quite the month…you’ve got Tasha, Fat Tony, Jodie Harsh, and a hell of a lot more! 

Our hotel in Hackney is a perfect base for enjoying the The East London rave scene! For the free spirited and spontaneous, we are all about welcoming that type of energy into Hackney and into Kip! 

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