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Curating Your Perfect East London Date

Alright, so we might have been stuck inside for a million years, and we might have forgotten how to date…but romance is not dead, trust us! There are so many romantic (but not too cringe) spots around East London for you and your other half (or new squeeze) to enjoy, and you can get cosy in the Kip Penthouse hotel room after.  It’s time to get back on the horse (from May 17th), and we’ve got your back, in fact we’ve curated your perfect East London date, Kip style…



Check into our hotel in Hackney, drop your bags, and freshen up at around 3…but try not to get too acquainted with the super snug King Size bed, there will be time for that later!




(Arch 407, Mentmore Terrace) 

Walk just 10 minutes from Kip Hotel (hand in hand, of course), to the quirkiest crazy golf spot, Plonk Golf. With it’s super colourful holiday vibes decor, giant Buddhas and erupting Volcanoes, it’d be pretty impossible not to have a real laugh here! You can also release a bit of that inner child, and play on some of the old school video games packed into this London Fields archway. Try not to get too competitive though, you wouldn’t want to ruin date night by having a domestic!



(188 Shoreditch High Street) 

By this point you’ll have obviously built up an appetite, from all that flirting and exhausting yourself on the golf course, so naturally cheese and wine would be a good idea? The next stop on the date night tour is Shoreditch Wine House, hidden down a little exposed brick alleyway in the hub of Shoreditch. There’s no need to do any wine research to impress your partner, every single wine here hits the spot, although we would recommend a full bodied red to get those romantic juices flowing. You’ve also got to try the Mont D’or fondue, not only because it might be even tastier than your date, but also just so you can go full on cheese (sorry for the pun) and feed one another! 

We’re guessing the wine will boost your flirting game, and you’ll be totally ready to head back to Kip and test out that King Size bed, we will leave the rest up to you…

Our East London hotel is perfectly located to enjoy a fun date night in the city, so why not treat your other half and book a room today?

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