Kip Wall:
A Window To Hackney

Meet the artists of one of the most exciting pieces of street art in London

We are beyond proud to announce that our Kip Wall: A Window To Hackney is now complete, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

Last year Artistic Director Talina Naviede and the creative team at Kip launched  ‘A Window to Hackney’ competition to give 5 UK artists the chance to win the hotel’s wall as the canvas for their work. The project was devised to transform an empty external wall into a high impact, vibrant and inspirational exhibition space for contemporary street art to uplift and enlighten the area.

Now completed, A Window To Hackney comprises 20 murals created by 5 incredible UK based artists. What unites them all is the theme of ‘Connection’, something we have all been craving and hoping to rebuild after 2 very tough years. The installation welcomes people with a positive message about the multicultural and vibrant nature of Hackney, one of the most progressive and diverse boroughs in London.

The art will be seen by millions of commuters and local communities alike as they  pass through, and the hope is it will become one of the most exciting and talked about pieces of street art in London.

Meet the Winning Artists



My aim in life is to make people happy! Whether that’s through murals, collaging or teaching, I want everyone to feel the benefits of being immersed in colour and shape. My work reflects me as a person, as my happy disposition is what makes me, me.

Meet Eloisa here


Sam King (1995) is a British artist, living and working in London. His practice explores diverse issues such as transhumanism, masculinity and subjectivity in the digital age, as well as the utopian and dystopian potentialities of technological progress. 

Meet Sam here


Tom Fry is a London-born and based multi-disciplinary artist and poet exploring various human conditions through visual figurative expression, using multiple painting mediums which include both digital and physical art and written expression. 

Meet Tom here


Franco La Russa (aka Thion) is an Italian artist working and living in London.

Starting as a painter, he has now taken on a new digital medium and he is currently creating work that employs an iPad as a powerful tool that brings new possibilities to an established language and practice.

Meet Thion here


Natalie is a local East London artist, musician, photographer, and yoga and sound therapist. All of her practises are centred around the therapeutic benefits of creative self expression and she often runs workshops to share these practises with those who may not feel connected to creative arts.

Meet Natalie here

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